Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Ori Women's Circle12 Week Healing Journey Back to Self

Welcome to Ori Women's Circle's 12 Week Healing Journey Back to Self. On this journey, we will learn to identify our womanhood, learn acceptance, accountability and heal from years and layers of experiences. We will be going inside ourselves to filter and learn healthier practices in dealing with ourselves as women.

We will be working in 4-week sessions which will involve homework assignments, video viewing, reading and journal entries. It will be hands-on and require you to sit in your mirror and heal your reflection.

We were mindful of busy schedules so we made participation exercises in 15 and 30 min intervals.

This journey is for the woman who is ready to make changes, learn her power and utilize her power to become the woman she is meant to be. Join us in this sister circle to heal as a unit. We look forward to meeting the new you.

Required Materials

Sessions Start 9/1/2019-11/24/19

Session 1 Weeks 1-4 $30 Monthly Paid by 8/31/2019

Session 2 Weeks 5-8 $30 Monthly Paid by 09/30/2019

Session 3 Weeks 9-12 $30 Monthly Paid by 10/31/2019

12 Full Weeks $75 Paid in full by 8/31/2019

If you are taking the course in full there is a discounted rate of $75 for paying in full by 8/31/2019. Each monthly payment will be $30 due as stated above for monthly installment payments. If you are only taking 1 session the fee per session will be $40. Once payment is made please email or message me confirmation of payment.

Please register in the ticket url and send your payment confirmation to me by email or messenger.

Payment Methods

cashapp $OriAshe

Venmo @Chanel-Johnson-21

Messenger Chanel Johnson

If you need an alternative payment option please email or call me to discuss it.


Saturday, August 3, 2019

BLACK AUGUST 2019: Homelessness

Is a result of a failed government. The people of the United States have already through countless protests, movements of all sorts, declared that housing is a human right, and every human should be afforded housing.

How is it in the 21st century ‘We The People’ see a homeless epidemic? Because of a failed government: local, state, and federal.

The politicians have always had a disconnect from their constituents…No politicians, regardless of the state, can justify or excuse the homelessness we the people are witnessing here in Amerika today.

How can you represent a district of people, as a city councilman or woman, mayor or governor and allow the people to reach such deterioration in astronomical numbers where the whole state begins to be affected by it?

The federal government has a responsibility to the many states it collects taxes, etc...from, to maintain the security of the country not just from the so-called bad guys...where the federal/state government has clearly misappropriated taxpayers funds by building what is known today as the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, PRISON INDUSTRIAL SLAVE COMPLEX, and MILITARIZED POLICE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that is/has cost trillions of dollars for taxpayers annually.

Each of these industrial complexes has a common denominator, which is that they target humans for extermination; all one has to do is study their reason for existing.  You may be wondering what this has to do with homelessness? Well anytime you allocate funds heavily in one area opposed to balancing the funds out to truly meet the needs of the people then there will be a neglect of some kind, and what we see in the homeless crisis is deliberate neglect and a result of a failed government.

The people have always been at the mercy of the government no matter how rich or poor they are, which is why we the people have to have one voice when it comes to human rights. If a government is allowed to supersede the people it governs, then the people have failed themselves. Adequate housing, food, water, etc. etc that sustains one's life is a human right!!!

It is not negotiable under any circumstances if we are going to use the failure of a person's social life as a justification for such homelessness ( i.e. addicts drugs and alcohol usage, inadequate wages or unemployment, etc. etc.) it should also be stipulated that the people have been bombarded with an influx of drugs into their communities where they have basically succumbed to chemical warfare. These chemical weapons have been allowed to enter our communities by the tons!!! Yet, taxpayers are paying trillions of dollars for many agencies annually:FBI, DEA, CIA, ATF, etc. protect them from that which is a threat to them...domestic terrorism, FBI; drugs, DEA; International threat, CIA; guns and alcohol ATF, each of these entities are failures. We have seen countless mass shootings occur in this country, we have seen drugs decimate our communities, and an influx of assault weapons into our neighborhoods at alarming rates. These agencies are responsible for protecting the Amerikan people from these threats that claim countless lives.  Why is this government continuing to fund such agencies when it is obvious they are complete failures? So much money, energy and time wasted to these agencies when it is obvious that they are failures. To massively incarcerate people for drug use or possession of any sort is part of the problem that leads to homelessness. We see that drug users only hurt themselves for the most part. Housing is a human right that all humans should demand be given to everyone under the sun.

Love and Respect,
Mutope Duguma 

August 1, 2019