Thursday, February 23, 2017

Infiltration Through DNA

This analysis is based purely on the personal view and perspective of this writer. With that said, it is encouraged that all readers use critical thinking when analyzing these words and to also do your own research for any further facts where there lies any doubt or question. As the subject matter may seem insensitive to some it is therefore crucial to use your objective mind, especially since we live in a racially polarized country/world, where racism, race prejudices, racial discrimination, racial segregation, etc. are all the norm. 

The author's intention is to help educate, as well as dispel the institutionalized racist propaganda and treatment of billions of human beings who have been marginalized in this country and world, where they suffer from an inferiority complex based on a systematic indoctrination of race inferiority, under colonialism. 

Identifying racial hatred that is manufactured under the ideology and system(s) of white supremacy, white power and institutionalized racism. Whereas, all races are cultivated under this race-based hatred, which is responsible for the racial tension and oppression(s) throughout this country and world. 

In the 'USA', institutionalized racism has been systematically practiced since the country's inception. This is done through many of its institutions such as: governments, military industrial complex, prison industrial complex, media, and educational, political, social, cultural, economic and religious institutions, as well as agriculture (food and medicine), horticulture (medicine), history (heritage and legacy), judicial system (justice department), science (knowledge-growth and development), etc. These institutions have discriminated against all non-white human beings, which culminated into the racial oppression we see today of people of color, that is inherently carried out by a system consciously and unconsciously, that subconsciously effects everyone in it. A system controlled by human beings who control the wealth of this nation and world.

The title “Infiltration through DNA” was chosen because of the historical dynamics and contradictions that surrounds the human race under colonialism throughout this nation and world, under the “one percenters” (1%), “nine percenters” (9%) and white power structure. Whereas, the coalescing of white countries around the world assembling their imperialist military powers under the belief in the concept of “might is right” affords them the right to conquer and pillage other people and their lands all over the world.

It is here where the system(s) of oppression(s) would be implemented, i.e. Capitalism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, slavery, feudalism, fascism, racism, classism, etc., all under the ideology of white supremacy. White supremacy establishes humans under two new concepts: 1. Superiority complex, and 2. Inferiority complex, both based on one's “race”. 

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