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The Nigger in the ‘nigger’ Syndrome

The Nigger in the ‘nigger’ Syndrome
Mutope Duguma
October 2015 revised 01/01/2019

   The ‘Nigger’ in the ‘nigger’ syndrome is a disease that has been cultivated in the psyche of New Afrikans (i.e; Blacks) who for years have been morally compromised to the point of demoralization where they/we lose just about every sense of our morality. I believe that the only way to morally destroy a people is to take away their sense of understanding, of what is right and wrong. This deprives them of moral conduct which leads to being principled, righteous men and women.

   The ‘Nigger in the nigger syndrome’ is about understanding that this word‘nigger’ has a serious reason for its usage. Which is to demean, devalue, degrade and dehumanize Afrikan/ New Afrikan People, no matter where they exist in the world. It is a weapon used to manifest behavior in these targeted human beings.

 We now see the ‘Nigger in the nigger syndrome’ being carried out as a lifestyle in all groups to some degree. Proving that these are not mere derogatory terms, but instead, are a  malignant social and psychological orientation and indoctrination that conditions you inside the many subcultures, ghettos, barrios, trailer parks, and rural, impoverished communities, where people are subjugated, marginalized and exploited to be dysfunctional, mentally diseased, immoral.

 It’s important to reflect on how you, the individual use the term nigger or nigga,  even if it’s briefly, in association with your actual behavior. The‘Nigger in the nigger syndrome,’ is conditioning tied to a malignant social disorder where those who use the word “nigger” do so openly with pride.

We can go all the way back to the slave plantations where our ancestors were domestically colonized, and the word ‘nigger’ was used to dehumanize. Since that time, we have struggled with our identity as a people as we resisted numerous derogatory terms throughout our New Afrikan historical origins since 1619, where the following terms were used to identify us as a people: nigger, negro, colored, black, Afro-American and Afrikan Amerikan.

   We would have these terms linger throughout our struggles in the United States that would exacerbate our identity crisis as a people. Through our own social, political and ideological development we would identify ourselves based on our historical contradiction in racist Amerika. In 1968, the term New Afrikans was coined or formulated by political (nationalist) theoretician for the purpose of scientifically basing and defining
the actual national identity of our people, who comprise a subjugated nation (i.e., domestic colonized nation).

The term ‘nigger’ would be used in oppressed communities throughout Amerika, while at the same time, glamorized in the Blaxploitation movies, where most of the infamous celebrities would use this derogatory term, making it socially and culturally acceptable, by providing a functional application as to how a ‘nigger’ should act, think and look, which in my personal opinion was part of the conditioning of our people around a malignant social disorder, that led to the dysfunctional behavior and demoralization so prevalent among us today.

When you see or hear people who suffer from the ‘Nigger in the nigger syndrome, they have no moral compass for the most part. Case and point: In a discussion with some Brothers who are possessed with the ‘Nigger in the nigger’ syndrome,  I asked why we don’t look down on pimping when the pimp is the predator that preys on young teenage girls and women? Their responses demonstrated that they were very misogynistic toward women.   To accept the Pimp Culture means that we do not value the women in our family and extended community. Any time we embrace something as a lifestyle, it becomes part of our culture, and if it’s malignant, then it becomes a detriment to us as a people. The ‘Nigger in the nigger’ syndrome accepts just about anything immoral, foul, disgusting because they have been demoralized.

Therefore, the very word Nigger has manifested inside the user of the word Nigger that accepts a lifestyle that is immoral. Even in our contradictions as so called ‘gangstas’ we rejected the ‘pimp,’ because we knew, he or she was a predator on our women folks in particular. When did we start hating women? Is it that we have been dehumanized so badly that we cannot regain our humanity? The Nigger in the Nigger syndrome is a disease because it has demoralized many of us as a people and it has to be diagnosed in all of us who have been compromised by this disease. The first step to being diagnosed is to understand that your use of the word ‘nigger,’ casually, whether it’s an endearment from your perspective or not, represents everything we are not, as a people.

Most of our oppressed people in and out of prisons have no consciousness of the dehumanizing aspect of the word Nigger because most are unfortunately unaware of the ‘Nigger in the nigger,’syndrome!!! Take or make a moral assessment of yourself and reclassify yourself as New Afrikans which will be a reflection of our new morality.

One Love, One Struggle,    Mutope Duguma

End Prison Draconian Policies

End Prison Draconian Policies
By Mutope Duguma
October 2018
   It’s no secret that the government, whether local, state and federal have been complicit in the exploitation of prisoners, where the political, judicial and prison industrial slave complex have all signed up to exploit the poorest citizens of this nation. But, before I go into the essence of this story, let me speak to what motivated me to write it.

   I was recently placed back in solitary confinement for mistaken identity, where I was placed in cell with a youngster name of Jamico Wright, who was sentenced to 13 years, for an alleged robbery. Normally youngsters like Brutha Wright would ask me to help them with their 602 appeal, on their solitary confinement placement. Yet, Brutha Wright was seriously agonizing over how the state is charging him $23,113.39 restitution in association with his alleged crime. I would learn that Brutha Wright, is like most youngsters who came out of humble beginnings (i.e., impoverished communities), single parent homes, foster care at a young age, then to the streets, where they are forced into a world of their making.

   I wasn’t surprised in the least bit, of Brutha Wright’s story, because like most prisoners (men/women) held in prisons, they share similar stories. Brutha Wright came to prison at 19 years of age, on July 26, 2011, for his alleged offense, and, what’s different about Brutha Wright is that he gets it, and actually took steps to do something about it, where he became a certified plumber (May, 2014), earning himself a trade. More remarkable, he earned an AA Degree in Business Management, July 17, 2017, demonstrating that he has done just about everything consistent with rehabilitating himself. Sadly, Brutha Wright would learn that he will be unable to utilize his AA Degree while incarcerated. He was given 85% of that 13 year sentence, which is 11 years and 5 months.

   The new sentencing laws enacted in the 1980s and 1990s would make sure that young prisoners did 85% of their time, when the government conspired to massively incarcerate its poor citizens of this nation. Brutha Wright would still have six years to serve on his 13 years. He, like many of us held indefinitely in Amerikkka’s prisons will have to navigate through the inhumane conditions of prison life.

   This story isn’t about time, but instead, it’s about how you have a young man like Brutha Wright, who has gotten an AA Degree in Business, and owes the state $23,113.39, of which he has paid $1,768.39; money he received from working class citizens, who are working minimum wage jobs; family members, friends, etc. The state charges him 55% of each dollar he receives, meaning, if he gets any money for commissary, for example, if his (poor) Mother sent him $25.00 for hygiene when he gets the money it will be reduced to $11.25. If he had  a medical condition and sent in a CDCR-7362 medical form he would be charged a co-payment fee of $5.00 for every medical slip he submits – that would be immediately removed from his trust account statement, leaving him with $6.25 of that $25.00. If he had legal fees of any kind, they would be deducted from those fees, as well. If he submitted a dental form, he would be charged a $5.00 co-payment charge, leaving him with a $1.25, of that $25.00, which is why so many youngsters refuse their dental/mental care in prisons: because they choose hygiene and food over dental or medical care, when they actually have funds on their trust account!!!

We older prisoners didn’t get charged with astronomical debt. Our restitution was $100.00 to $200.00. The restitution that these youngsters are being asked to pay is ridiculous, and the 50% is supposed to be paid to all alleged victims, whereas, 89% of the cases never received one penny of the restitution fees collected. CDCr trust office adds 5% charging fees for removing the fund off your trust account. This adding if you file a civil complaint (i.e., lawsuit) about prison conditions, etc. You would pay a $450.00 filing fee. If you continue to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal you will pay another filing fee of $505.00. They initially charge you 20% of each dollar you have in your account, so if you have $200.00 in your account. They’re taking 20% of that which is $40.00 and they will do this every month ‘til you have paid what you owe because incarcerating prisoners is big business, and the exploitation of California Tax Payers, where they pay $14 Billion dollars a year to maintain its 34 prisons. This is real money spent.

   I understand that we live in a capitalist country that exploits all forms of life from humans, to animals, etc., etc., for profit!!! But, what’s cruel in this form of exploitation in respects to prison, is that prisoners like Brutha Wright are restricted from creating businesses, or using their creative talent, whether it be their art work, rap songs, writings, movie scripts, etc., etc., from legally making a profit while they are incarcerated, per CCR Title 15. Yet, they have many taxes being imposed upon them. Prisoners should be encouraged to find creative ways to market their talents for a profit. Yet! they are charged for restitution and other fees, then told that you can’t involve yourself in any profit earning businesses. This is a perfect way to encourage hopelessness in men and women held in prisons… while you feed on them by exploiting them for the crumbs they receive. Brutha Wright and many more just like him, have to wait ‘til they parole before they can begin to pay on their monetary debt to society, that would for sure burden them in their attempt to be re-assimilated back into the so-called free world, where they for sure would be at a disadvantage simply because they are starting in debt, where their checks would be garnished for that 55% accordingly in keeping up with their restitution.

   We all know that prison working wages start at 3 cents to 15 cents an hour, which usually turns out to be $11. to $20. per month, and then 55 % of that is then taken for restitution. Slavery in the 21st century is real, and I personally feel that the cruelty in this exploitation is in the hopelessness it produces in each and every prisoner. This practice has to be abolished because it would further influence recidivism. With these debts prisoners have to be able to earn a decent wage while incarcerated, so they can begin to pay off their restitution, now, or end their restitution all together. These types of policies are counterproductive and only hurt the prisoners and their families. Can you imagine doing a decade or two with a $30,000 dollar debt to pay when you get out??? If this is not ‘cruel and unusual then what is!!!?

One Love, One Struggle,

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Nothing New

By Mutope Duguma
June 2018
[received via email from Freedom Archives, and reposted here]

An End To Hostilities” is an agreement/document that was brought forth to build Peace amongst the Prison Class, which means that strong communication between the groups will to be used to end any problems that may surface within prisons.

We prisoners had to come to terms with the realization that our inactions have allowed prison officials to suppress us under their Social Tyranny, where we have been held hostage in what we call ‘protracted violence.’ From 1979 to 2009, prison violence would devastate prisoners throughout CDCr, and sadly would do the same to our communities, where we would also be conditioned to this violence inside of California prisons. Based on gathered intelligence, there has never been an impartial nor thorough investigation into how prison officials allowed such violence to occur as well as spread into our communities.

Prisons, no matter what their classification levels, I, II, III or IV, are very dangerous environments. They house mostly young people; those who suffer from drugs and alcoholism. Least we cannot forget those undeveloped minds, which have yet to become rational thinking men and women. Therefore, it is relatively easy to socially engineer prisoners under social tyranny by manipulating conflicts that lead to their destruction.

Prison officials have total control over all prisoners held in CDCr, and this affords them the power to impose their will upon prisoners as they try to see fit.

So, prisons and citizens of this country should not be surprised to see that CDCr is managing prisoners with violence in order to secure their best interest: Higher Pay and Job Security. Peaceful prisons go against CDCr agenda, and therefore, violence has to be its trademark.

This explains why CDCr would want to disturb the current peace achieved by more experienced prisoners who have built solidarity around our “Agreement to End All Hostilities” (AEH). CDCr needs to ‘come clean’ and take responsibility for their role in fueling so much of the violence between prisoners.

The million-dollar question for all tax payers is: Why disturb such a Peace???

Case and Point:

1.) It was CDCr who manipulated the racial violence between prisoners by putting them against one another, favoring one group over the other, in respects to Jobs, etc. I been in Calipatria three (3) years, and there have been countless incidents where staff attempted to instigate or agitate violence amongst prisoners, but due to our AEH we have been able to counter these attacks through Sound Communication, rooted in respect for what is right!!!

2.) It was CDCr who created the debriefing program that put prisoners against prisoners that led to thousands of prisoners becoming informants (i.e., snitches) and this was done by torturing each of these prisoners held in solitary confinement units, that forced many of them into being informants.

3.) It was CDCr who created the indeterminate SHU program that held men and women indefinitely inside of solitary confinement units, through a gang validation process that allowed them to remove all the “unfavorable” prisoners off general population, where prisoners where held for decades; the longest up to 44 years.

4.) It was CDCr who created the Sensitive Needs Yards (SNY), which is one third (1/3) of the prison population today… SNY prisoners who are, or were, “keep aways” from general population prisoners for various reasons such as: informants, child molesters, rapists, Elderly, etc., all of whom requested to be placed in protected custody.

5.) It was CDCr who set up the Gladiator Fights inside Corcoran State Prison Security Housing Unit – CSP-SHU in the 1980s, that led to seven (7) prisoners being murdered in cold blood and thousands of prisoners being wounded and beat on in these conflicts instigated and agitated by CDCr officials.

6.) It was CDCr who did away with all the positive incentive programs that led to the hopelessness that we see throughout CDCr today.

7.) It was CDCr who did away with nutritious foods and went to non-nutritious foods, starting in 1997, that is today having an adverse effect on prisoners health and behavior.

These failures on CDCr’s part led to deadly consequences for prisoners. The senseless violence we experienced in the past is now being introduced again by CDCr, who continue to find ways to socially engineer prisoners under Social Tyranny… The claim that they (CDCr) will be able to determine if prisoners want to go home or not is total BS, by integrating SNYs and GP prisoners who should’ve never been separated in the first place.

Those of us who were manipulated into this violence have first-hand experience on how it works, and we are doing what we can to educate those prisoners who don’t see the un-seen hand of CDCr. Because, unlike our past, we are today very mature-thinking men and women who have taken responsibility for our roles inside the manmade madness, by coming together and establishing An End To All Hostilities, whereas the Four (4) Principle Groups agreed on their word alone to end this prison violence amongst the races, which has saved countless lives thus far today.

What is CDCr’s objective to off-set the many positive programs/policies that is affording prisoners the opportunity to go home? CDCr’s objective, as always, is that Peace goes against their bottom line: Profiting off Prisoners.

So, as long as CDCr officials want to use violence in order to secure their income, there will be violence in prisons (see recent article by Nashelly Chavez, May 27, 2018, titled: California Prisons Phase out ‘Sensitive Needs Yards’ Critics See A Rough Transition).

We are an expendable source, therefore, our lives have no value to our keepers. It is us who put value in our lives and this is where our power comes from, Reclaiming our Humanity. The violence is Nothing New.

One Love - One Struggle

Mutope Duguma


Mutope Duguma: Mutope Duguma was incarcerated at Pelican Bay State Prison, in its notorious Security Housing Unit. He is now at CSP Calipatria. He is a member of the Human Rights Movement First Amendment Campaign and PLEJ for Liberation and is a prolific author, with articles published in the SF Bay View and many other places, including his website,

Write to Mutope at:

Mutope Duguma (s/n J. Crawford), D-05996,
CSP Calipatria B-5 C-242,
P.O. Box 5005,
Calipatria, CA 92233-5005

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Infiltration Through DNA

This analysis is based purely on the personal view and perspective of this writer. With that said, it is encouraged that all readers use critical thinking when analyzing these words and to also do your own research for any further facts where there lies any doubt or question. As the subject matter may seem insensitive to some it is therefore crucial to use your objective mind, especially since we live in a racially polarized country/world, where racism, race prejudices, racial discrimination, racial segregation, etc. are all the norm. 

The author's intention is to help educate, as well as dispel the institutionalized racist propaganda and treatment of billions of human beings who have been marginalized in this country and world, where they suffer from an inferiority complex based on a systematic indoctrination of race inferiority, under colonialism. 

Identifying racial hatred that is manufactured under the ideology and system(s) of white supremacy, white power and institutionalized racism. Whereas, all races are cultivated under this race-based hatred, which is responsible for the racial tension and oppression(s) throughout this country and world. 

In the 'USA', institutionalized racism has been systematically practiced since the country's inception. This is done through many of its institutions such as: governments, military industrial complex, prison industrial complex, media, and educational, political, social, cultural, economic and religious institutions, as well as agriculture (food and medicine), horticulture (medicine), history (heritage and legacy), judicial system (justice department), science (knowledge-growth and development), etc. These institutions have discriminated against all non-white human beings, which culminated into the racial oppression we see today of people of color, that is inherently carried out by a system consciously and unconsciously, that subconsciously effects everyone in it. A system controlled by human beings who control the wealth of this nation and world.

The title “Infiltration through DNA” was chosen because of the historical dynamics and contradictions that surrounds the human race under colonialism throughout this nation and world, under the “one percenters” (1%), “nine percenters” (9%) and white power structure. Whereas, the coalescing of white countries around the world assembling their imperialist military powers under the belief in the concept of “might is right” affords them the right to conquer and pillage other people and their lands all over the world.

It is here where the system(s) of oppression(s) would be implemented, i.e. Capitalism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, slavery, feudalism, fascism, racism, classism, etc., all under the ideology of white supremacy. White supremacy establishes humans under two new concepts: 1. Superiority complex, and 2. Inferiority complex, both based on one's “race”. 

Read the whole essay here: Infiltration Through DNA

Sunday, May 29, 2016

There is Love in Peace!

April 2016
by Mutope Duguma

We must take full responsibility for the current discipline that is being held inside these prisons since the recent release of the so-called ‘worst of the worst’ prisoners out of solitary confinement.

It’s been an uphill battle, as many of us know, to uphold the discipline of the Agreement to End Hostilities, and there have been countless efforts made to maintain ‘peace’ on these prison yards amongst the races.

We cannot allow no one, other than prisoners, to stake a claim in such discipline that is so prevalent throughout the CDCr, that we are now seeing materialize amongst the races.

It’s been a beautiful ride thus far to see the social development occurring amongst races around the Agreement to End Hostilities. We, here at Calipatria state prison, have come to see the value in the Agreement of End Hostilities, where our Families, friends and associates are enjoying their incarcerated love ones!!! Proving there is Love in Peace!!!

We are seeing prisoners under new laws and policies that many prison activist organizations have vigorously campaigned to put on the books, by way of legislation to our so-called ‘policy makers’ that are literally giving prisoners the opportunity to go home.

We can only hope that our efforts will take on an effect that would lead to our communities, embracing this new found Peace.
Whereas, each and every one of us who have been working very hard to establish prisoners under a new discipline should be proud of the fact that a lot of these young people will not ‘suffer’ the fate that many of us have suffered, due to the senseless racial violence that I/we believe was manipulated by our keepers, that led to many of us being murdered, maimed, and placed in solitary confinement units indefinitely.

We all should admire and respect the strength that’s being demonstrated throughout CDCr by human beings who are considered the so-called worst of the worst.

One Love
One Struggle

Monday, December 28, 2015

Cultivate the seed to grow: Inside prison and out, we must nurture our youth

December 25, 2015
by Mutope Duguma
I greet you all with love and respect as usual, and it’s been awhile, but I recently made a transition from Pelican Bay State Prison Security Housing Unit solitary confinement units to General Population – GP – here at Calipatria State Prison. I won’t bore you with my usual long-winded rhetoric but instead speak to some of the key contradictions that I am seeing that we as New Afrikans face in and out of these stoops.
Mutope Duguma in a photo taken Sept. 2, 2014

Our young people for the most part have been seriously compromised, and we can see this in their behavior. And we who understand how a people should be socially developed inside a society in ways that lead to one’s growth and development have to be very proactive about how we nurture our young people.
No one is receptive to the hard hand approaches, but instead time and energy have to be spent on educating these young New Afrikans who have no “sense of self.” Many have come out of communities that have been demoralized; therefore, they have no “moral compass” as to how they are to behave.
We can hold responsible the educational institutions and the deprivations that many of them have been subjected to throughout their lives, which can arise in direct relation to the poverty and economic deprivation that they – and all of us – have been compromised by.
We have to realize that when a people have been socially engineered or conditioned to be a certain way inside a “malignant sub-culture” that teaches them to devalue themselves in every aspect of their lives and to which they were colonized for centuries, we cannot expect to reverse this psychic trauma overnight. What we have to do is put examples in place of what New Afrikans look like in practice, as well as spend time with those who are receptive to education.

Our young people for the most part have been seriously compromised, and we can see this in their behavior.

It’s a lot of our young people who are very intelligent, but they don’t have the nerve or discipline to speak to their peers without being ridiculed or subjected to some form of “peer pressure” by those whose intellect has not yet been cultivated.
The young people who have developed intellect, nerve and discipline tend to have no tolerance for tackling such contradictions in their peers. Therefore, those who tend to be dysfunctional get to run around recklessly, which leads to most of the problems that many of the social groups fight over.
It is essential that those who hold themselves as “men of influence” educate these young people. To not do so speaks to what they actually mean to you.
I’ve also learned that if the men of influence are not themselves educated and disciplined, then they tend to be a part of the problem. We have a serious responsibility to these young people behind these prison walls and in society.

It is essential that those who hold themselves as “men of influence” educate these young people. To not do so speaks to what they actually mean to you.

Ending hostilities is truly our lifeline

I have been out of solitary confinement for 90 days now, and my overview of our situation is that the penal system has failed across this nation. It’s not just a California problem; it’s a national problem, where prisoners all over Amerikka are being socially compromised due to mass incarceration.
And it is an incarceration that places us inside of a man-made social experiment that cultivates each of us inside a manufactured reality that is not of our choice, but instead is the making of the puppet masters – the lawmakers – who use their political power to coalesce men and women inside their prisons, jails, camps and juvenile facilities.
We prisoners have to ask the question why are so many human beings, especially of color, being carted off to these penal institutions, where billions of dollars, if not trillions, have been spent to maintain such repressive environments that establish us under social tyranny that makes its way back to our communities.

We have a serious responsibility to these young people behind these prison walls and in society.

We have to see these penal institutions as vessels that socially engineer us into a pathological, violent behavior that is diametrically opposed to our human development. We can now concretely identify in California prisons the violent nature of prisoners being a direct result of the cause of violence in our many communities.
The prison system is manufacturing a violent prison mentality, which none of us can actually be held responsible for because our “keepers” – government and especially CDCr officials – have always had complete control over the social tyranny in prison. No prisoner can be blamed for being placed in such violent environments that their keepers have chosen for them to be housed in.

We have to see these penal institutions as vessels that socially engineer us into a pathological, violent behavior that is diametrically opposed to our human development.

The majority of us coming out of California’s solitary confinement units, such as the Pelican Bay SHU, were compromised years ago – neutralized by being removed from general population completely and targeted for extermination.
This was and is our reality, where we who survived to the extent that we did, had already started psychologically preparing ourselves to die in the wretched environment of solitary confinement. But we were able to change our reality to some extent with the Prisoner Human Rights Movement and our hunger strikes.
So where is our movement today? We are right where we started off in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, and each of us who know about these eras has to stay focused on what’s at stake. To not do so will set us right back into a pit of chaos, which can render each and every one of us vulnerable to our keepers once again.
The Agreement to End Hostilities is truly our life line. It has nothing to do with your courage or strength; it’s about changing a violent prison culture into a civilized environment that eventually entails – or demands – that each of us be released from these animal cages and be allowed back to our communities.
The Agreement to End Hostilities dictates:
  1. That we prisoners establish respectful communication lines between our four principal groups;
  2. That we prisoners establish a principled standard where each prisoner holds his or her own individual discipline;
  3. That we prisoners educate the younger prisoners as to why discipline in prison benefits us all;
  4. That we prisoners recommend to CDCr, collectively, that which is needed in each prison to facilitate bringing the Agreement to End Hostilities to life, such as educational programs and privileges;
  5. That we prisoners cannot expect the Agreement to End Hostilities to be successful without us seriously getting behind it.

The Agreement to End Hostilities is truly our life line. It has nothing to do with your courage or strength; it’s about changing a violent prison culture into a civilized environment that eventually entails – or demands – that each of us be released from these animal cages and be allowed back to our communities.

It’s a real struggle on these GPs (general population yards), one that I welcome wholeheartedly, because so much has changed in these GPs that it’s like they are all modified lock-up yards. I believe in time that we can change this by demonstrating how prisons are counter-productive to a free society.
One Love, One Struggle,
Send our brother some love and light: Mutope Duguma (James Crawford), D-05996, CSP B5-C246, P.O. Box 5005, Calipatria CA 92233.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Mutope Speaks

screenshot of Mutope Duguma's spoken words The Power of the People, on Prison Radio
Mutope spoke on Prison Radio today about The Power of the People, and you can listen to his voice here.